Spokane Chiefs Roster following the Red/White Game

Here is the roster after the Spokane Chiefs Red/White Game.  13 players have been cut and/or reassigned.


Jacob Edwards (92)
Mac Engel (93)
Kevin Jacyna (93)
Zach Rakochy (93)

Corbin Baldwin (91)
Kyle Clayton (96)
Jason Fram (95)
Reid Gow (94)
Cole Hamblin (93)
Brenden Kichton (92)
Tyler King (95)
Jeremy McIntosh (95)
Tanner Mort (93)
Bo Pellah (95)
Davis Vandane (92)
Tyler Vanscourt (92)
Cole Wedman (94)

Mike Aviani (93)
Anthony Bardaro (92)
Markson Bechtold (96)
Connor Chartier (94)
Blake Gal (92)
Jarid Hauptman (94)
Mitch Holmberg (93)
Marek Kalus (93)
Darren Kramer (91)
Steven Kuhn (91)
Nakeh Lamothe(95)
Matt Marantz(91)
Cody Nelson (94)
Liam Stewart (94)
Dominik Uher (92)
Collin Valcourt (93)
Riley Whittingham (95)

Players that have been cut and/or reassigned since the Red/White game roster

Brett Lewchuk (G-95)
Trevor Costello (D-95)
Daniel Wedman (D-95)
Riley Ostoforoff (D-95)
Jacob Cardiff (F-96)
Tanner MacMaster (F-96)
Tyson Predinchuk (F-95)
Dustin Gorgi (D-95)
Adam Fauchoux (F-94)
Corey Dambrauskas (D-96)
Cade Owad (F-95)
Alex Bechtold (F-96)
Ryan Kruper (F-95)

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